New Illinois PAC Aims to Help People with Special Needs

New Illinois PAC Aims to Help People with Special Needs

Inclusion PAC, a new political action committee, aims to help people with special needs in Illinois. Rubin Law is excited to highlight Inclusion PAC’s formation because it is the first PAC in Illinois and one of the first in the nation with the sole purpose of actively supporting campaigns for state legislators who support those with special needs.

Political action committees (PACs) are groups that raise money and contribute the money to the political campaigns of candidates the PACs think will support their interests. Many PACs are related to industry organizations or, like Inclusion PAC, to causes. Inclusion PAC seeks to “help elect and re-elect legislators who support inclusive living for Illinois citizens with disabilities”. It advocates for “programs, policies, and funding which support inclusive living for all ages and disability types.”

Inclusion PAC describes the concept of “inclusive living” as allowing people with special needs to choose to live in their own homes and communities. Rather than being forced into nursing homes or institutions far away from home, friends, and family, people with special needs can remain where they are most comfortable. Inclusive living promotes dignity, respect, privacy, and decision-making among people with special needs.

As independent and supported living arrangements become more common, the need for laws and policies facilitating them becomes greater as well. Illinois’s current allocation of Medicaid spending indicates that legislators may not support inclusive living, may not be familiar with the concept, or may not think that it is an important issue for Illinois citizens. Inclusion PAC says that it aims to elect and re-elect officials who support inclusive living.

Rubin Law wishes Inclusion PAC lots of success as it works to make it possible for all of those with disabilities to have the opportunity to live in the community.

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