Letter To Siblings

Message from Brian Rubin, attorney, founder of Rubin Law & the father of a son with autism, among other special needs…

To the brothers and sisters of children and adults with special needs…

We, your parents, fear that no one will step forward and be responsible for our child, your sibling, who can not be responsible for himself or herself. We don’t want to pass on the responsibility to you, our other children. We hope that you, our other children, will step forward… voluntarily, but we do not want to ask this of you.

We accept that we, as parents, have been dealt certain cards… that we, as parents, can’t throw in the hand & declare that we don’t want to… that we won’t play… but that we must play the cards that have been dealt to us. In the same breath, we wish for you, our other children, to have your own lives… not to be concerned about your sibling with special needs… but we must… we must look to you, our other children… we have no other choice.

Special Needs Future Planning is not only for your parents’ benefit, not only for the benefit of your sibling with special needs, but it is for your benefit too.

Family communication & education is an important part of Special Needs Future Planning (SNFP) & SNFP is indeed the beginning, the first step down the road… to finding peace of mind, not only for your parents & your sibling… but for you.

Brian Rubin