MetLife Letter of Intent Article


What parent’s often forget . . .

By Brian Neal Rubin J.D.

Attorney & Fellow Parent

As parents of children with special needs, we possess a vast amount of information about our child that no one else possesses. We also have our thoughts and wishes for our child’s future, all, in “our heads’: We all wish that our child with special needs will have a long, happy and enjoyable life, however, we pray that we live at least one moment longer, and that we will not have to place the responsibility upon others.

But, as difficult as it is to think about our dying before our child with special needs, or in the alternative, as difficult as it may be to think about, due to our own disability, accident, or advanced age, our inability to care for our child, we must!  We have that obligation to our child, to our other children, to our chosen future care providers, be they court appointed Guardians, Conservators, Trustees of our child’s Special Needs Trust(s), “Trust Advisors” and/or “Trust Protectors’:and, if applicable, to members of our child’s Micro- Board.  For purposes of this article, I will refer to all of those individuals, collectively, as the “future  team’:

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