Parenting Special Needs Magazine Letter of Intent Article

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First Steps for Writing the Letter of Intent

by Brian Neal Rubin J.D. Special Needs Alliance

The letter of intent (LOI), though not a legal document, plays a central role in your child’s special needs plan, putting its endless details into personal perspective. Distilling years of family experience, it’s meant to ease a difficult transition by guiding future caregivers, guardians and trustees in the decision-making that will shape a loved one’s life when parents are gone. Families with special needs can be so overwhelmed by daily challenges that capturing lessons learned doesn’t top their to-do list. It’s also emotional, requiring them to envision a time when their child will be without them. But the LOI is too important to delay. At any time, an unforeseen accident could land you in the hospital, or worse, with others suddenly called upon to assume your responsibilities.

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