What Type of Attorney Handles Special Needs Trusts?

What Type of Attorney Handles Special Needs Trusts

Families with children who have special needs often must make significant decisions throughout their lifetimes. One such decision involves choosing a qualified attorney to assist them with their special needs planning for their child, which often includes creating special needs trusts. Finding the right attorney to assist you with any legal issue can be stressful and difficult. However, searching for an attorney with the experience and knowledge to assist you in a highly specialized field such as special needs planning can be even more challenging.

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Special Needs Planning: A Specialized Field of Law

As you look through lawyer advertisements, Facebook pages, websites, and attorney rating systems like Martindale-Hubbell, you may notice that special needs planning is not a well-represented area of the law. Advertisements and attorney rating systems often focus on much broader areas of the law, such as estate planning. An attorney with a large estate planning practice may have some knowledge about special needs trusts but they cannot possibly have the depth of knowledge required to do appropriate special needs planning if they do not practice it exclusively….. Therefore, you must find an attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to create a special needs trust for a child.

Finding Special Needs Trusts Attorneys Through Personal References

One of the best sources of finding an attorney to assist you with special needs planning for your child comes from referrals by people you know. Although your cousin’s divorce lawyer is unlikely to be able to help you create a special needs trust, you likely have professional and personal contacts because of your child. For instance, your child’s healthcare providers, caseworkers, or other service providers may know of a lawyer that handles special needs planning.

You also may know other families who have children with special needs. They are equally as likely to need the services of a special needs trust attorney. As a result, they may be able to give you some suggestions about which attorneys handle special needs trusts and similar legal issues.

Looking for Special Needs Trusts Lawyers Through Professional Associations

Another good way to find an attorney who can effectively create a special needs trust for your child is by looking at an attorney’s affiliations with professional organizations. These organizations provide educational and other opportunities for their members, who share similar interests in a particular specialized area of law. Of course, membership in a professional organization does not necessarily mean that the attorney has actively participated in or taken advantage of all the organization offers. Nonetheless, it can be a way for you to gauge the attorney’s interest and involvement in special needs planning.

You also may wish to evaluate the organization itself. For instance, you might consider whether anyone can join it by paying dues or whether members must meet certain criteria. You also may be interested in whether the organization is a for-profit entity focused on generating business or a non-profit entity focused on providing education and resources for its members on a matter of shared interest.

The Special Needs Alliance is the only national invitation-only membership organization for attorneys who handle special needs planning. Therefore, lawyers who are members of this organization already have proven themselves to be well-qualified and experienced attorneys in general special needs estate planning and special needs trusts creation.

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