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6 Planning Issues to Consider Before Your Child With Special Needs Turns 18

Parents of children with special needs face many challenging situations every day. Sometimes it is difficult to think about your child’s care tomorrow, let alone in a few years. At age 18, children become legal adults, but your child may …
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The Basics of Applying for SSI Disability Benefits for Your Child

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is an important government benefit for children with special needs. However, dealing with the government can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. Before beginning the application process, you should have a solid understanding of the SSI process. …
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How Pandemic Restrictions are Affecting Children With Special Needs and Their Families

Although the pandemic has disrupted the world, social and educational restrictions have affected children with developmental disabilities more intensely than most people. Special needs children often do better with structured daily routines, specific types of social interaction, and rigid sleep …
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Understanding Basic Terms Involved in Special Needs Care and Planning – Part I

At Rubin Law, we are proud to provide legal services exclusively limited to special needs planning including the areas of Estate Planning, Guardianship, and Probate Law for families of adults and children with special needs. In this very specific area …
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When parents of a child with special needs divorce

A number of studies suggest that the divorce rate is much higher among couples who have a child with special needs compared to those who do not. The personal and financial challenges that come with having a child with special …
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What is the Illinois Health Surrogate Act and how does it apply to my child with special needs?

Everyone is considered a legal adult as of their 18th birthday. That includes children with special needs, no matter how severe or debilitating their disabilities might be. For parents, the right to make health decisions for their children with special …
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The grandparents of my child with special needs left him an inheritance. What do we do?

The grandparents of my child with special needs left him an inheritance. What do we do

Grandparents love their grandchildren and want to help provide for them. Many well-meaning grandparents leave their grandsons and granddaughters a small inheritance in their wills. But however good the intention, even a tiny inheritance can potentially cause hardship for a …
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What will happen to my child with special needs when I die?

What will happen to my child with special needs when I die

Preparing for the future is so important — especially for parents of a child with special needs. Every parent of a child with special needs must consider the possibility that he or she may die or become incapacitated and unable …
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